Pit Stop

I was coming back from saying Mass for the Carmelite Nuns last week and was running out of gas. I passed a station where it was only $3.57 a gallon.  Never seeing it that cheap, I had to stop. I’m trying to save the diocese money every way I can!

Gas Station stop

Elementary Staff School Day at the Cathedral

teachers plazaToday 1200 teachers, administrators and staff from our Catholic Elementary Schools visited the Cathedral for an In-Service. I was impressed looking out from the altar at how many colleagues we have in our mission to impart the Faith to our young people.  This is a team effort: parents, priests, teachers, coaches . . . everyone has a part in modeling and teaching the Faith to our kids. I am very proud of our Oakland Diocese Catholic Schools, and all the sacrifices that are made to keep them open . . . and flourishing.

bishop ctlBishop listening

Elementary Staff Day

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My Homily


8th Grade Day at the Cathedral

8th grade, CathedralOn Tuesday we welcomed 1,200 Eighth Grade students from our Catholic schools to the Cathedral. This is one of my favorite annual events. It allows the students to enjoy a solemn Mass at the Cathedral – with commentary by yours truly.  I remember Monsignor Ronald Knox’s book “The Mass in Slow Motion” which were commentaries he gave school girls during Masses he celebrated for them.  I was very impressed by how well behaved and interested our students were in the holy rites.  Art, music, beauty and sacred mystery draw us to the Lord. I explained to the kids the meaning of each of my vestments – gave an illustrated homily — and presented each student a blessed medal of St. Michael (I know . . . my vanity!).

8th grade class portraitWe posed for “photos with Pope Francis” afterward.  It’s times like these that I am so grateful for our Catholic Schools – and our dedicated teachers and staff.  I love seeing the cathedral filled to overflowing – especially for the sanctification of our young people.  Thank you to all who donated to this beautiful Temple of the Living God.

My Homily


 Staff Photos